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What If You Have Genital Acne?

If regular acne alone makes you cringe, what happens if you have genital acne? Genital acne is exactly the same sort of acne you get on any other part of your body, only it grows on your genitals. You may think that genital acne won't happen to you. But it is always better to be prepared and read on about genital acne. Perhaps you can either be the highlight or the let down of some social gathering talking about what everybody will be hoping they won't ever have, genital acne.

What About Genital Acne?

As explained earlier, genital acne is acne which occurs on the genitals. Although some people may find it annoying, others may find it very painful. Genital acne appears as whiteheads or blackheads on your genitals. If they are popped, it will be the utmost excruciating experience you may ever feel that you may just pass out.

Genital Acne And Its Problems

If you have had regular acne before, the causes of genital acne are identical. A pimple occurs when the pore is clogged up with bacteria from too much oil, sweat, dirt or grease accumulated which is not cleansed in time. Genital acne can be also caused by dirty clothes, improper hygiene or a laundry detergent that is too harsh for your body.

However you do not get genital acne from someone else through sexual intercourse.

It is not contagious, but depending upon where the genital acne is located, you will not be able to have sex because of the pain. But you may not have to worry because your potential mate will probably be turned off from the bumps on your genitals and may have a hard time believing that the bumps are only genital acne and not something worse.

What Can You Do About Genital Acne?

To treat genital acne, you can change the brand of laundry detergent you use. The current brand might be too harsh on your skin. Go to the pharmacy to buy a gentle antibacterial to clean the pimples. You should adapt to wearing looser clothes so that less friction can occur between the genial acne and the clothes.

Use only mild soap on your body so that the essential oils do not get washed away. However you should not use over the counter acne creams or pads on your genitals because it is best that you get professional advice and medication from your doctor.

Where Else Can Genital Acne Occur?

Genital acne can also appear on your nipples, armpits and private parts. You can treat them yourself as they respond well to treatment, unless they become severe with large, boil-like, painful sores that have not gone away for two weeks which in this case you have to see a doctor. Otherwise all you have to do is keep yourself clean, wear looser clothes, shave carefully and drink plenty of water.

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