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What You Should Know About Body Acne

Body Acne is acne which appears on the back, chest, shoulders, and even the buttocks of many people. Most of us are aware of the more regular forms of acne which only tends to appear on the face. But if body acne gets severe, it can cause as much problems as regular acne because if it occurs on the buttocks, for example, then it will be difficult for the sufferer to sit!

How Body Acne Can Hurt

Just like regular acne, body acne can range from mild to severe, with severe acne typically involving lesions which are large and painful. As with all types of acne, the actual cause of this acne is yet to be discovered, but one thing is confirmed that irritation can make it much worse, so you can never pick or scratch at your acne.

If you have only light to moderate acne on your body, you can usually use less serious forms of treatment. However if you have a more serious form of acne on the body you should likewise seek a more serious form of treatment.

Do Not Let Body Acne Get You Down

Two most common culprits to body acne are perspiration and tight-fitting clothes. Therefore the victims to body acne tend to be people who are especially active. The irony is that if you are active in sports, the fashion that goes with exercising are always tight fitting. But do not get the wrong idea that you should wear overly big clothes to the gym that you get caught by the exercise machine, a normal t-shirt will do.

If you seek treatments for body acne, they are rather similar to those for facial acne. However acne that lives on the body tends to be much more resistant to treatment because body skin is thicker than facial skin, and the blemishes are frequently exposed to friction from clothing.

One of the best ways to keep body acne under control is to wash with a salicyclic-acid-based cleanser everyday. You should bathe or shower after you have been perspiring, for example after exercising, so that the perspiration does not have to stay on your skin any longer than it requires to.

To prevent body acne, you need to keep your skin as clean as possible. You also need to eat a proper diet and get a decent amount of physical activity on a regular basis. You have to try to avoid eating foods that are going to worsen your acne, such as fatty, deep-fried or sugary foods.

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What You Should Know About Body Acne


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