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What You Can Do To Cure Baby Acne

Baby acne may sound ludicrous but it is a common condition among newborns. When your baby is born, you may be thinking that you have the most beautiful, most miraculous creature in your arms, but the little bumps on the cheeks creates a nagging thought in your mind. Sometimes that thought turns to worry when we notice that their cheeks are rough with small bumps that may seem irritated or sometimes, the redness is not there but still, their cheeks appear to be rough.

These small bumps or irritations on the cheeks of your baby are called baby acne. There is no reason to panic because there are many ways to cure and prevent them from recurring. Nowadays, you can find many medications for baby acne which you may buy over-the-counter. But it is also important for you to be aware of what may be the cause of it.

The Cause For Baby Acne

One of the causes why your baby has baby acne on the cheeks is through the connection of your body to the baby. During the last trimester of your pregnancy, your hormones crosses or travels through the placenta in your baby which subsequently causes the oil glands of your baby's skin to be stimulated.

Shortly after the birth, fresh irritation or bumps of baby acne may be present but normally, they disappear after about four weeks. Most of the times, baby acne occurs on the cheeks but could also be commonly seen on the baby's forehead and neck. Sometimes, whiteheads may develop on to your baby's skin but this skin condition may come and go during the age of about six months old.

What To Do About Baby Acne

What you could do to cure and prevent baby acne is to use gentle detergents when washing baby clothes and other baby accessories that he or she is always using. When the baby has contact with a cloth that has been washed with harsh detergents, saliva and milk that he or she has spilled, the condition becomes worse for several weeks.

Therefore if such condition has occurred, it is better to avoid the incidents that could aggravate baby acne. Keep in mind that baby acne also frequently occurs when your baby is feeling hot or fussy which in turn affects his or her skin by increasing the blood flow.

One other thing you could do to cure the baby acne is to wash his or her face with a gentle cloth daily with mild soap and water. However if you are worried that the baby acne is not relieved after six months, you may see your doctor for consultation. If the lotions and creams that you buy over-the-counter from the drugstores will not help but only worsen the irritation, and you prefer to use the best medication for it, you must then consult your baby's pediatrician.

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