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What You Should Know About Treating Acne Prone Skin

For people who has acne prone skin, there are certain skin regimes and skin care treatments that you have to strictly follow to best prevent further recurrences with acne in the future.

What You Should Look Out For In An Acne Prone Skin

Acne prone skin is usually characterized by pimples, whiteheads, blackheads, redness and inflammation. Although it is not curable, there are definitely various types of treatment available that can help to make it more manageable and controllable. Unknown to many people, acne prone skin is also genetically determined and hormonally triggered.

This sort of skin is also prone to residual color traces, also known as hyperpigmentation, as blemishes heal, often taking anywhere from weeks to months. It also responds well to daily use of exfoliating AHA and BHA based products, as well as anti-irritants, anti-inflammatories, antibacterials, all which help to reduce the excess of skin cell buildup, to keep pores clean and disinfected.

What You Should Do In Treating Acne Prone Skin

If you have acne prone skin, you should then use different forms of treatment, compared to having a regular acne skin condition. Firstly, you have to keep your skin cleansed. You should never wipe or rub your face with a towel, as this will further irritate your skin. You should always pat dry, and if possible, let your skin air dry naturally, as this will allow the skin to soak up the most moisture.

When cleansing your acne prone skin, you should use a mild cleanser or medicated cleansers with either salicyclic acid or benzoyl peroxide in the morning and before bedtime. You should never wash excessively or scrub too hard and be sure to avoid cream-based cleansers if you have oily skin. This is because using cream-based cleansers will just add excess oil and worsen the existing acne.

To moisturize is also very important, but you have ensure not to add any oil to your skin. One way to ensure is to read the ingredients in a product before buying it. You should choose a light oil-free moisturizer and apply after cleansing. Do remember to apply some form of treatment, such as prescription medications or topical treatments for acne.

If you follow the instructions given here and simply take care of your acne prone skin in general, you should not only be able to treat any existing acne problems that you are experiencing, but as well as prevent them from recurring.

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