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Importance Of Acne Awareness For Correct Treatment

Acne awareness is important if you want to treat it properly. There are as many myths about the causes and treatments of acne, just as there are as many urban myths about almost anything connected with the human body. But the less you know about proper acne awareness the less you can treat your acne efficiently. By acne awareness, we imply that you should know the true causes and the choices to treat acne.

Acne Awareness Myth 1: Acne Strikes Only Teenagers

False! Acne can strike anyone at any time in their lives. Even though new hormones surging around a teenager's body can sometimes make one more prone to acne, acne is not affected by age. Acne is caused by bacteria embedded in the pores, meaning if you don't keep your skin sensibly clean, you will most probably get the mildest form of acne, known as pimples, zits or spots.

Acne Awareness Myth 2: Only Doctors Can Treat Acne

Only if you have a kind of acne called cystic acne, which is often painful and leaves many scars that can last for the rest of your life, should you go to the doctor. This sort of deep red sores which also hurt will not respond to anything except medical prescription treatments and time.

However if you have regular acne, with those little whiteheads that don't normally hurt and do not leave any scars, you can treat the acne by yourself. If you still have questions about acne awareness, you can ask your doctor.

Acne Awareness Myth 3: Use Only Alcohol Based Lotions To Get Rid Of Acne

Wrong! Over the counter popular acne treatments that smell like alcohol are mostly too harsh for proper acne awareness. Although they will definitely clean off any oil or excess dirt on your skin, they will also clean away all of your sebum, which is your body's natural skin oil. When the body detects the sebum gone, it proceeds to make more sebum to compensate for the just stripped off sebum. All you need to use are gentle cleaners or even a moisturizing soap two or three times a day as instructed to get rid of excess oil and dirt.

Acne Awareness Myth 4: Scrubbing Is Necessary

False. You need only to wash your skin gently, not scrub at it. Use warm water for the rinsing instead of piping hot. Pat dry your skin instead of rubbing with a towel. You may think it is trivial, but knowing the right method to wash your skin is a big part of acne awareness.

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